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We provide professional first aid training to communities across the continent. 

The majority of our courses are provided free of charge for at-risk groups. For companies and larger organisations, we charge a fair rate for our courses, which allows us to sustain our community work. 

As well as direct training for approximately 5000-8000 people each year, we also provide learning resources and training materials for a variety of organisations, as well as mentoring new first aid trainers - ensuring the next generation of instructors lead the way for years to come. If you're interested in sharing our learning resources, then you can contact us.

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Training & Resources




Our international volunteering programme offers communities a chance to share their skills in a dignified partnership. Instructors from the international community are given specialist training before joining our staff and local volunteers in one of our our partner countries.

Supported by a qualified expedition leader, they share our syllabus and learning resources with schools, community groups, and partners across Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Malawi, and Zambia. If you believe you'd make a good international volunteer, please go to the volunteer section of this site.

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Research & Development


The donation of first aid kits from Europe & the US without a reliable supply chain is not sustainable. It creates a relationship based on reliance rather than on partnership. Wherever possible, we aim to work with communities to develop equipment made from locally available materials. 

By donating to First Aid Africa you can help a community to access free first aid training and sustainable equipment, so they can help themselves in an emergency. It will take approximately 45 seconds and could save a life.  

You can empower a whole community by donating 

Thank you. With your help we can save lives.

Every year we develop better training techniques, and new ways to reach people with our work. This development is based on evidence collected from the field. Over 18,000 pieces of data are collected every 12 months, to help us improve our work.  

This work helps; our partners to lead our development, our trainers to improve our services, and our donors to understand how they can help us reach our strategic goals. If you're interested in research and would like to join our team as a volunteer, contact us.

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First Aid Equipment


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