International volunteering code of ethics

1. First Aid Africa will not send untrained or unqualified volunteers to work with our partners. 
2. We believe in partnership, not pity. Everyone representing First Aid Africa will treat colleagues as they would want to be treated themselves. 
3. Everyone has the right to dignity. Nobody representing First Aid Africa will share images of a sick or injured person on social media. 
4. We reserve the right to reject donations from any individual or corporation found to be working against the best interests of our partners. 
5. Our international volunteers will respect the community they are working in and the efforts of other safety organisations in our partner countries. For this reason, they will not put themselves at risk through engaging in unsafe activities or behaviours during their visits. 
6. First Aid Africa will contribute towards global development efforts by working towards the United Nations sustainable development goals. 
7. We believe equality is everything. Everyone representing First Aid Africa will foster an inclusive working environment throughout their time with the charity. 
8. We believe 'good leaders don't create followers, they create more leaders'. We will provide opportunities for personal development within our partnerships, and encourage & support members who seek out leadership roles in the wider international development community. 

This year, several of our international volunteers decided, independently, to write about what our ethics meant to their experiences. Here are a couple of examples. If you'd like to write for us, email

Felicia "When you are planning to volunteer overseas, think carefully about your intentions and the potential impact your presence can have on the local community." the full article. 

Emily "I made friends in Uganda, who I took pictures with on several occasions and those photographs act now as visual memories, which is incredible. However, it is important to think of the genuine ramifications that a single photograph posted on social media can have (out of context)." the full article.

Respect | Equality | Dignity

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