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A quick introduction

First Aid Africa is a humanitarian charity supported by governments and universities, to save lives in some of Africa's most remote communities. The briefing notes on this page were prepared for potential donors on the 10th December 2017

This year injuries will kill more people than HIV/AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria combined. First Aid Africa works to support communities to help themselves in emergencies. 

The charity provides training, equipment, and resources to help rural communities save lives. By combining technology, research 
and face-to-face instruction First Aid Africa increases access to the emergency care in areas where the nearest hospital may be hours or days away.

Once trained, communities support themselves rather than relying on long-term hand-outs. First Aid Africa works on the principle of 'partnership, not pity'. 


Who benefits?

First Aid Africa works with women's groups, community groups, schools, and other partners to reach those who need our help the most. 


We have trained over 40,000 first responders over the last five years, ensuring that countless communities now have the confidence and the ability to act in an emergency. 

By utilising the best technology and the latest research, we've been able to ensure more people than ever can access healthcare in an emergency.  Often, however, when we arrive on the scene, the local hospital or clinic is without power. Here's how we could help...





First Aid Africa has partnered with the tech start-up company 'Renovagen', who have invented a way to make solar panels flexible and more efficient.

In short, they've created a way to roll solar panels up like a carpet, which can be deployed in hostile environments within minutes.

In disaster situations, such as floods or earthquakes, this capability will allow First Aid Africa to power an entire emergency field hospital by unrolling our solar array wherever it's needed - days before traditional power systems would arrive.

Because of our reputation, in the three months to December 2017, the charity has secured funding for, one full 'Renovegen' solar Unit (enough to power a full field hospital), unit parts & training for local maintenance staff until the year 2023, upkeep and fuel for a 4x4 vehicle, staff costs to run the emergency response programme, publicity budget (UK & Africa) 

To be clear, as of the 6th December, this project is now fully funded except for a vehicle to tow the off-road trailer. And that's where you come in. 

How you can help

The charity is in urgent need of one or two 4x4 vehicles capable of driving off-road to tow our trailer into place in rural Zambia and support our teams in other remote communities. In return, we can offer branding of the vehicle, positive publicity, and ongoing images & video content of the vehicle in action, saving lives. 

We can arrange the logistics of getting your donated vehicle out to Zambia/Tanzania, where it will be used to build the capacity of life-savers across the country. 

While any 4x4 is appreciated (automatic or manual) it will need to be in a reasonable condition with no major repair work required in order to be of maximum benefit to our projects. 


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